Premiere PREMIERE: Jade Blake – “Crush” Posted by Jesus A. • February 10, 2017

Introducing 22-year-old indie pop singer-songwriter Jade Blake.

We are honored to be premiering Blake’s debut single “Crush” here at Trendio. Jade Blake is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her influences include Sia, No Doubt, Linkin Park, One Republic, and Imagine Dragons, Skylar Grey, among others.

Produced, written and performed by Blake herself, “Crush” touches on subjects such as addiction and unhealthy infatuation. Within the first 15 seconds, the track reels you in with tribal-sounding drums and subdued background vocals. Blake’s warm vocal performance is reminiscent of classic 90’s R&B, displaying diverse personalities and styles through the duration of the song.

Blake talked to us about the inspiration behind the track. “My inspiration for this song is actually a funny story. I had some serious writer’s block going into a session with my friend, Tabrizi. I also was sort of in a bad mood after just getting a parking ticket,” says Blake. “There was a box of Camel Crush on the table in the studio. I ended up taking random words that were on that box and created the song using them. My phone was dead at the time and I didn’t have paper either, so I ended up writing the song on my parking ticket!”

Although its lyrics include heavy allusions to smoking, their meaning go beyond that. “The song highlights the idea that something could be so important to you, that it could inevitably “crush” you and the feeling would be a satisfaction to lift all struggles away,” says Blake.

Listen to “Crush” below.

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