New Releases Listen: Ed Sheeran – “Castle on the Hill” + “Shape of You” Posted by Haley • January 6, 2017

Today is a really good day. Not only because it is Friday but also because Ed Sheeran is finally back, rejuvenated and shockingly even better than he ever was with a brand new album christened “÷” (as in Divide).

Up until the actual release, which was moments ago, fans of Ed Sheeran were waiting in anticipation for the title of his comeback single(s), so much so that when the snippets he posted on social media where Shazam’ed, all that was shown was a callback image hinting towards a presumed massive release.

After taking one whole year of cleansing from social media, Sheeran made the wait for new music by him very much worth it, returning today with not one but TWO new tracks, one titled “Castle on the Hill” and the other “Shape of You.” Though most of the singles off his last album, X, dominated the radio/charts all through 2015 and a bit of 2016, the last brand new music we heard from Sheeran was in 2014, when the album was actually released.

Upon first listen of both singles, esp. Shape Of You, it is evident Sheeran took a page out of the book of tracks that charted high while he was on his break, gave it his own touch, and before he knew it, he had himself an Ed Sheeran-sized hit.

Castle in the Sky” and “Shape of You” are now available on iTunes.

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