Sep 19

Watch: GOT7 Release Trailer for “Flight Log: Turbulence”

Watch: GOT7 Release Trailer for “Flight Log: Turbulence”

GOT7 just released the album trailer for their upcoming comeback “Flight Log: Turbulence”. The video was released yesterday via GOT7’s Naver V LIVE channel, where it’s already accumulated over 400,000 views.

A word of caution: if you thought their trailer for “Flight Log: Departure” was painful, you may want to avert your eyes on this one. Or at least grab some tissues before you press play.

Playing on their past flight theme, the video takes place on a plane, where all of the members besides Jinyoung are being their usual crazy selves and doing silly things like jumping and drawing on BamBam’s face. When the plane hits turbulence, Jinyoung is the only one asked to remain seated, despite the other members casually crawling around in the cabin.

The video then cuts to red and black as Jinyoung braces for impact and then cuts to Jinyoung breathing through a respirator as EMTs tend to him. Behind them is a burning car. Yes, GOT7 really did go there.

There have been many fan theories dating back to “Flight Log: Departure” that suggested all of the members besides Jinyoung had died in a car accident, like how the time stopped on Jackson’s video camera footage and how Jinyoung couldn’t see them or fly while the other members could. It seems like they were correct after all. Hold us, please!

The video also features Jinyoung in a box full of water, clips of the other members flying from “Flight Log: Departure” and Youngjae looking fabulous and holding a baby bird, a symbol GOT7 uses frequently to represent their fans.

Have you seen the trailer? What are your theories? Tell us in the comments below!

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