K-Pop Watch: EXO and Yoo Jae Seok – “Dancing King” Posted by Emlyn • September 17, 2016

EXO and Yoo Jae Seok have teamed up for a new single titled “Dancing King”! And no, it’s not an Abba cover.

The song came to fruition after Yoo Jae Seok received a mission on the Korean variety TV show Infinite Challenge. It’s been released through SM STATION, which has included tons of fantastic collaborations that EXO members have participated in, like D.O. and Yoo Yeong Jin’s “Tell Me What is Love” and Chen, Heize and Vibe’s “Lil Something” to name a few.

The video takes place during EXO’s third tour, EXO’rdium, stop in Bangkok and features a packed stadium full of fans, an onstage performance of the new single and even SM’s pink bear mascot making its way to the concert (and absolutely loving the show, look at it’s face!). In between are clips showing EXO and Jae Seok putting the track and dance together in their month-long process, along with some absolutely adorable silliness too.

The track itself is an exciting, upbeat dance tune with lyrics will get stuck in your head after just the first listen, and even has an EDM dance break that’s perfect for, well, dancing! To make the song even sweeter, all proceeds received from the purchase of the track will go to charity.

Who’s your favorite Dancing King in EXO? Or is it Jae Seok? You can watch “Dancing King” below!

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