New Releases LISTEN: Khalil – “Quality” (Prod. Rex Kudo & Cashio) Posted by JB • August 19, 2016

Hip hop and R&B artist Khalil just released his new single “Quality” produced by Rex Kudo & Cashio. With its soft guitar rifts and smooth vocals, the song propels you to a place you once felt consumed with love and generosity. It’s soulful and causes you to feel untroubled. At the same time, it highlights how we can never “get enough time” with those we want to spend every moment with.

Khalil sings about the kind of story we can all relate to in “Quality”.

Justin Bieber recently posted a photo holding a piece of paper with the word “Quality” in his handwriting. The millionaire supporting Khalil’s new single will do a lot for his music. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for an EP. You can follow Khalil on his SoundCloud and snag the single on Spotify.


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