K-Pop Watch: Monsta X – “Stuck” Posted by Emlyn • August 12, 2016

Monsta X are back with a new video for “Stuck” and it’s everything we never knew we needed and more!

Monsta X are a k-pop group that were put together through the television show “NO.MERCY”. Through the reality show the group’s seven members were selected: Shownu, I.M., Jooheon, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Wonho and Kihyun. The group is part of Starship Entertainment and debuted just last year with their gritty, hip-hop single “Trespass”. From there, they’ve moved on to singles “Rush”, “Hero” and their exciting recent comeback, “All In”.

“Stuck” is their second single off of their THE CLAN, PT. 1 EP which was released in May this year and continues their hardcore, bad boy concept that was present in “All In”. Shot in LA (possibly during their time at KCON?) the video takes place in an abandoned warehouse as members perform and look like bad boys we all know and love in their in all black, ripped clothing. The point choreography is amazing and Wonho’s dance break is no joke! Also, is that also a little dab in the choreography we see?

The song is brilliant in its own right and definitely deserved to be a single after “All In”, especially with Jooheon’s rapping skills and Kihyun’s strong vocals at the forefront of the song. The chorus feels monumental after the fast beat bridge and Kihyun’s vocals absolutely soar as he hits the song’s high notes with incredible ease. “Stuck” seems like it’s made for dancing along to, and the choreography looks just as fun and addicting as the song. With all of the little hey’s and cheers throughout the song, it almost feels like you’re dancing along with them, even if you’re just sitting down.

With this comeback, Monsta X might secure their first ever win! So Monbebes (Monsta X fans), be sure to watch the video, vote and download the track to gain points for Monsta X in the charts. You can watch the video for “Stuck” below!

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