K-Pop Watch: B.A.P – “That’s My Jam” Posted by Emlyn • August 12, 2016

Our AOTW alumni B.A.P are B-A-BACK with their latest comeback, “That’s My Jam”. And what an absolute summer jam it is.

The video focuses on the members partying it up as they spool through different channels. From Daehyun’s late night talk show to National Geographic (we mean, B.A.P Geographic Channel), all of the members can be seen dancing, singing, drinking and even hanging out of a truck in the desert. What we wouldn’t give for TV to really look like this!

The song itself is ridiculously addicting and I can assure you that I was singing yeah, that’s my jam! randomly throughout the entire day after the first listen through. It’s a fast-paced dance track for summer nights out with friends and relies on a fun, coastal beat as the backbone of the track. It also has standout moments like Yongguk’s always flawless rapping and Jongup’s breakdown toward the end of the song, providing a  a nice, sexy touch to match the lyrics before the beat kicks back up again. Mix it all together and this is a song that you don’t want to leave out of your end of summer music playlist.

B.A.P also released a V LIVE+ recording of the entirety of their concert in Seoul which was the finale of their LIVE ON EARTH: AWAKE!! 2016 World Tour. Although it does cost money, access to the concert video also comes with highlight recordings of each individual member and a behind the scenes look at their massively successful tour that stopped in over 15 different countries. You can find more information about it here.

You can watch the video for “That’s My Jam” below!

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