Singles LISTEN: Kiyah Mitchell – That Way (Feat. Nick James… Posted by JB • August 3, 2016

Indie artist Kiyah Mitchell released his song “That Way” (Feat. Nick James & Glen Travis) on Spotify and is raising some impressed eyebrows. With the single already earning 65 thousand plays, the twenty year-old Kansas City native is doing pretty well.

“That Way” by Kiyah Mitchell feeds your ears the chillest vibes.

Mitchell is accompanied by Nick James and Glenn Travis in this hip hop track. Their smooth rap vocals synergize with the track’s soft tunes. Additionally, the music is enhanced by acoustic guitar.  Take a listen below.

While this up and coming artist is mostly known around Kansas City and Chicago, you can connect with him on Twitter. He is surprisingly extremely active on his account, but who isn’t these days? Follow Kiyah Mitchell’s growth on SoundCloud and and support him by checking out “That Way” on iTunes.

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