Jul 15

Listen: Fifth Harmony – “Voicemail”

Listen: Fifth Harmony – “Voicemail”

A new Fifth Harmony track has found its way into the Internet today.  The brand new track titled “Voicemail” is a leftover from the recording sessions for this year’s 7/27.

The track could very well be the female version of *NSYNC’s hit single “Bye Bye Bye”, with its blatant 90’s influence and similar production. “You have reached a phone number that is no longer in service for you. So don’t wait for me to call you back. ‘Cause I ain’t doing to bad” sing the girls led by member Dinah Jane Hansen.

“Voicemail” was added to Napster’s edition of 7/27 on  July 15th.

Listen to “Voicemail” below.

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