New Releases Listen: Jon Bellion – “Maybe IDK” Posted by Haley • June 3, 2016

Jon Bellion continues his flow of impeccable output, this time unveiling Maybe IDK, the latest instant grat track from his upcoming debut album, The Human Condition, due out June 10th (OMG!) Maybe IDK comes preceded by the album’s first release Guillotine and last month’s 80s Films.

The authenticity Jon made a name for himself out of shines bright in Maybe IDK, right from the jump. The track kicks off with vibrant guitar riffs backed by thumping clap-like melodies. In true Jon Bellion style, the track is so beautifully written/produced that you’ll want to savour every last lyric.

Hear “MAYBE IDK” below!

  • YAS
  • Lame
  • LOL
  • Like
  • WTF
  • Afraid