Album LISTEN: JOSH DEVINE & OLLIE GREEN – ‘NEVER FADE’ Posted by JB • May 16, 2016

Josh Devine & Ollie Green have released a new single, “Never Fade”, which is by far the most emotional track we have seen from the two. As One Direction’s live performance Drummer, Josh Devine began pursuing a solo career during the boy band’s hiatus. He has collaborated with Ollie Green to debut an EP, Through the Fire, which features edgy pop-rock  songs.

Josh Devine showcases his polished talent in this track, which speaks about love and loss.

Whereas his previous releases such as “Here To Stay” and “Through the Fire” target a love interest, “Never Fade” is a bit more ambiguous, simply addressing “my friend” as the subject of the song. This makes it more encompassing and towards all types of relationships involving the loss of someone near and dear. Lyrically, the single strikes a chord with the feelings of the survivors’ point of view. “I’m tired of saying I’ll see you soon / How I wish it could be true”, Devine and Green lament.

Also absent are guitar and pop synths from this track. Instead, a simple yet effective piano is accompanied by bittersweet violin towards the latter half of the song. Devine and Green belt out vocals which culminates in a passionate ending that contrasts with the sudden silence of the outro.

With “Never Fade”, we see a different, more introspective side of Josh Devine and Ollie Green. Take a listen on iTunes!

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