May 4

Listen: Kehlani – “24/7”

Listen: Kehlani – “24/7”

T.I. said it best. Unfortunately, these celebrities, their lives, our entertainment. Kehlani has had quite the year, mostly in reference to all of the “shenanigans” that went down in April. There is literally no reason to rehash any of it, as it is all in the past and Lani’s back, better and stronger than before.

Today, after a few weeks of being incognito, Lani returns with “24/7,” a beautiful ballad produced by Toronto’s DZL. With the aforementioned drama, you should be able to guess what the song’s about. If you can’t, here’s a little bit about it: Lani sings about how everyone has their ups and downs, also making note of how there is no one who smiles “24/7.” Most importantly, she says “It’s okay to not be okay.”

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