........wyd Demi Lovato vs. Stalker Sarah Posted by Haley • April 8, 2016

When we first found out about Stalker Sarah, majority of us were still in our teens. In other words, we were still at that stage in our lives when we were extremely jealous of her because she did not get to meet our favourite celebrities once; she got to meet them countless times.

Every time, a new theory about how she got to meet the stars was formulated. For those of you who don’t remember, the one that stuck the most was her father being paparazzi and as you know, paps get notified when certain stars are in town.

Today, we are reminding you of your greatest enemy because someone of importance finally took her on. Yep, were talking about Demi Lovato. If you stumble upon Sarah’s infamous Flickr page, Demi is amongst the list of celebrities she has met a few times. After dropping my Maddie Lee Delagarza’s (Demi’s little sister) showcase somewhere in Hollywood, Sarah took to her Instagram to post pictures of her and the Lovatos. Basically, all hell broke lose afterwards as Demi Lovato took it upon herself to drag Sarah, who claimed they were pals.

Kicking of the drag session, Demi commented on Sarah’s photo of them both, “I’m not your fucking “girl”. If I was you would not be asking for pictures. You STALK PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. We are NOT FRIENDS. Stay the fuck away from me and most importantly me family.” She continued to threaten to press charges, most likely triggered by Maddie being captioned “babe” in one of the pictures Sarah posted.

Here is photographic evidence of what went down:

Now to mysteries that are yet to be solved – Was it or was not Stalker Sarah creeping in One Direction’s music video for “What Makes You Beautiful” ?

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