New Releases Stream: TWENTY88 – “TWENTY88” Posted by Haley • March 31, 2016

If there was a roster of artists who worked great together, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko will be placed up, high up. Beware, I’m Gonna Be, I Know, the list of dope af records the duo have created together just goes on and on.

Earlier this week, in true revelation that there is in fact a God, Jhené Aiko and Big Sean announced their collaborative project, which they dubbed “TWENTY88.”

Launching a campaign on their social media accounts as well as an account with the “TWENTY88” name, the duo announced their self-titled 8-track collective was to land 4/1 (April 1st).

Hyping things up even further, the duo landed the most-recent issue of Flaunt Magazine, in which they delve a bit more into TWENTY88 and how the project all came about – a story you can read here.

Putting the project into perspective, Sean stated: “We’re in a place where we’re both established, and we’ve laid a lot of groundwork, and it’s really taking it back to just having fun with it. I have fun with her. Adding: “She’s one of my favorite people to just be around and kick it with.”

TWENTY88 will be streaming exclusively on TIDAL for 72 hours, but if you would like to purchase the sensational blend of R&B, you can do so right here.

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