Mar 25

Listen: Nick Jonas – “Close (Feat. Tove Lo)”

Listen: Nick Jonas – “Close (Feat. Tove Lo)”

It hasn’t even been 24hrs since Nick Jonas went on his emotionally driven album release twitter rant.

But here we are with a new Nick Jonas track.

For those who need catching up here is the recap:

Last night around 1AM PST Nick Jonas went on a Kanye West styled twitter rant about how this past year has been filled with a lot of emotions as well as a lot of hard work going into his sophomore solo album. He went on to announce that the world would be hearing his first single in a matter of hours.

And his rant ended soon after he tweeted out each track title for every song on his album, a few artists featured on the album, the name of his album, the day the album would be released and when the pre order would be available.

Fast forward to now and we’ve got new music!

Hear the new single “Close” featuring Tove Lo, down below!!

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