New Releases Listen: Iggy Azalea – “Team” Posted by Haley • March 18, 2016

When Iggy Azalea said she was coming back, she forgot to include “with a bang.” Moments ago, the first official single from her forthcoming album, tentatively titled Digital Distortion, arrived.

The single, titled “Team,” was brought to life with help from over 10 creators, with Bebe Rexha writing the self-love hook.

The music video for the track has since been shot and it is set to be released in due time. In the interim, Azalea went the Bieber route, releasing a dance video with the most impressive choreography, especially with what they were working with.

If you couldn’t tell based on the title, the song is similar to Hailee Stenfield’s “Love Myself,” basically why do i need anyone else, when I got myself. Listen below!

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