Video Beyoncé: Super Bowl’s Greatest Halftime Shows Posted by Haley • February 5, 2016

Tonight, CBS aired a special which they titled “Super Bowl Greatest Halftime Shows.” Through the show, which aired from 9pm EST – 11 PM EST, they featured performances and behind-the-scenes clips of some of the most iconic performances since artists took over the Halftime show.

Performances they showed included Katy Perry’s, Bruno Mars’, Michael Jackson’s, Paul McCartney’s, and of course, the use of the word iconic could only possibly be linked to one other artist, King Beyoncé.

During Beyoncé’s segment, the incorporable singer-songwriter made note of the fact that she “dreamt the performance before it happened,” thus knowing exactly what she wanted. She also spoke on the joy of reuniting with “her sisters,” Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, on the Super Bowl stage.

Lucikly, we were able to catch Beyoncé in all of her ethereal goodness, watch her segment below!

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