New Releases Listen: Rihanna – “Work” (feat. Drake) Posted by Haley • January 27, 2016

Would you believe us if we told you the last time Rihanna released an official single off ANTi was March last year, when she released BBHMM? Facts only.

Tides are finally turning as Rihanna’s brand new single, the one we were telling you about the other day, has finally landed. Work, as it is titled, features the 6ix’s very own, Drake, and it received a very special premiere across Top 40 stations in ‘merica.

Much like What’s My Name?, the duo’s 2010 collaboration, Work is a grand record gorgeously glazed with pop-friendly melodies, yet still oozing of reggae blues. Even more exciting is the song being everything we’ve wanted from Rihanna since this ANTi era began.

You’ve been patient enough. Listen to “Work” below or over at!

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