New Releases Listen: Jhené Aiko – “B’s & H’s” Posted by Haley • January 23, 2016

Just the other day, it hit me that we have not received solo music from Jhené Aiko since her debut album in 2014. If you are also just coming to the realization, you are in luck.

Moments ago, Jhené Aiko took to Apple Music’s Beats1 to premiere a brand new track, presumably from her sophomore album.

The track, entitled B’s & H’s (Bitches & Hoes), was produced by Jhené‘s frequent collaborators, The Fisticuffs. Classically Jhené, B’s & H’s hears a minimal but sublime production, with a resounding focus placed on Jhené and the story about ho’s she’s telling.

Long story short, don’t mess with Jhené Aiko. It will be YOUR loss. Oh, and quick reminder, “There is a difference between a woman, a bitch, and a ho.”

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