Year In Review Year In Review: 25 Best Songs of 2015 Posted by Haley • December 10, 2015

Of all the lists we have had to compile, this, by far, was the toughest. Why? Narrowing the best tracks that were released in 2015 is like finding a needle in a haystack, the haystack being all of the great songs that were released this year.

The saying “‘Tis the season” was applicable to the better part of this year as every single day, there was a brand new gift – in the form of music – to be unraveled.

To make things less difficult (well, sorta), each Trendio editor was asked to pick five of their favorite songs born out of 2015. Unfortunately, some songs had to be skipped, but fortunately, you can jam out to our ‘End of Year’ playlist (located to your left). Hit play on the playlist as you browse through our awesome 25 picks. Enjoy!

Four Pink Walls

10. “I’m Yours” – Alessia Cara

Realistically, every song on Alessia Cara’s Four Pink Walls EP is eligible for an entry on this list. Notwithstanding, I’m Yours reigns supreme because it is a unique brand of pop, finely-skewed for pretty much every mood and setting. Furthermore, it is relatable and extremely catchy and who doesn’t love a sing they can sing and dance along to? – HALEY N

Benjamin - SquareOne09. “Young & Restless” – Benjamin

One of my favourite (and most poptastic) releases from 2015 includes this song by Finnish Instagram-star Benjamin. It’s fun, catchy and the chorus is absolutely HUGE! Taken from his debut EP (which features five incredible songs – all of which have single potential) this song has made Benjamin quite the name in both Finland and Spain. Hopefully in 2016 this song can make Benjamin a star everywhere! – Devan

Four Pink Walls

09. “Gold” – Years & Years

Years & Years hit the UK music scene last year like a firework. It was quiet and then suddenly they were always on the radio and on every TV advert with their hit single “King” (also featured on our list). When the three-piece electronic band released their debut album, Communion, tracks like “Gold” really got a chance to shine — no pun intended. The slow and smooth intro of the song swells into a bridge of pounding drums and pleading lyrics, all with lead singer Olly Alexander’s signature vocal trills. It’s as if the house lights come on for the words “oh, like gold,” before the song drops into an electronic dance dream, filled with synthesisers and thick beats that make you want to jump up and down uncontrollably. –Emlyn


07. “Wild & Free” – Lena

German singer Lena once again captured the hearts of music lovers everywhere this year. Her album “Crystal Sky” was released with tons of great songs including lead single “Traffic Lights”. But it was “Wild and Free” that really caught everyone’s attention. Released as part of a movie soundtrack, “Wild and Free” has really taken off and become a huge hit for Lena. And it’s no coincidence. This song (which I wrote about here) has beautiful lyrics, stunning vocals and a big inspiring chorus. It’s pop bliss and I love it. – Devan

Be The One

06. “Drag Me Down” – One Direction

Featuring four strong vocals, a catchy af chorus and classic boy band harmonies, One Direction proved that amidst drama, they still have the ability to create perfect pop songs. And fans loved the song so much that the song broke the Spotify one day streaming record with over 4.75 million streams! Just proving that nothing can drag One Direction or their fans down. –Emlyn

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