Year In Review Year In Review: 25 Best Songs of 2015 Posted by Haley • December 10, 2015

Of all the lists we have had to compile, this, by far, was the toughest. Why? Narrowing the best tracks that were released in 2015 is like finding a needle in a haystack, the haystack being all of the great songs that were released this year.

The saying “‘Tis the season” was applicable to the better part of this year as every single day, there was a brand new gift – in the form of music – to be unraveled.

To make things less difficult (well, sorta), each Trendio editor was asked to pick five of their favorite songs born out of 2015. Unfortunately, some songs had to be skipped, but fortunately, you can jam out to our ‘End of Year’ playlist (located to your left). Hit play on the playlist as you browse through our awesome 25 picks. Enjoy!

14. “Same Suit, Different Tie” – The Maine

The Maine’s evolution as a band has been a joy to follow throughout the years. This year, they released their fifth album, American Candy, and this gem, “Same Suit, Different Tie”, was there. The Maine share that you “don’t need high price designs” to feel good about yourself, all with husky vocals, drifting guitars and a lovely drum breakdown in the chorus that make you want to dance. What more could anyone want? – Emlyn


13. “King Kunta” – Kendrick Lamar

The third single off of Kendrick Lamar’s stellar record To Pimp A Butterfly features the rapper claiming his well and rightfully deserved throne in the hip hop world. A brag track like no other, complimented by a funktastic rhythm and sample, “King Kunta” showcases Lamar’s abilities and reinforces why many consider him one of this year’s most groundbreaking artists – Jesus

Halsey - Ghost

12. “Ghost” – Halsey

What makes Halsey so special is how she can weave together a song like “Ghost” with its haunting synthesisers and heartbeat-like drum beats. Her vocals are emotional and her lyrics raw and powerful, yet also reserved and almost distant, drifting away from the listener rather than coming closer. It is a catchy, powerful song that is the perfect gateway for getting into an artist as amazing and versatile as Halsey. –Emlyn

tame11. “Let It Happen” – Tame Impala

The 7-minute epic lead single of what could be considered Tame Impala’s magnum opus, Currents, dismantled everyone’s expectations and made it clear that Kevin Parker is as unpredictable as they come. The song marked an evolution for Tame Impala and the first steps of their journey into a direction that somehow felt natural and not convoluted – Jesus

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