Year In Review Year In Review: 25 Best Songs of 2015 Posted by Haley • December 10, 2015

Of all the lists we have had to compile, this, by far, was the toughest. Why? Narrowing the best tracks that were released in 2015 is like finding a needle in a haystack, the haystack being all of the great songs that were released this year.

The saying “‘Tis the season” was applicable to the better part of this year as every single day, there was a brand new gift – in the form of music – to be unraveled.

To make things less difficult (well, sorta), each Trendio editor was asked to pick five of their favorite songs born out of 2015. Unfortunately, some songs had to be skipped, but fortunately, you can jam out to our ‘End of Year’ playlist (located to your left). Hit play on the playlist as you browse through our awesome 25 picks. Enjoy!

25. “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” – Naughty Boy Feat. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin

Beyoncé collaborations are so rare, not recognizing this song would be an absolute travesty. Released back in September and smashing instantly across Europe, Runnin’ (Lose It All) is such a distinctive song, one no one would expect from any of the artist’s featured. In true Beyoncé fashion, her vocals are chilling yet entrancingly pulsing, driving the track into goosebump-inducing territory – Renee

I Bet - Ciara

24. “I Bet” – Ciara

Ciara’s I Bet was ‘Song of the Year’ material as of the first time it was released, which was January 26. Ciara has always been stan-worthy, right from her “Goodies” and “1,2, step” days but with I Bet, she truly left a lasting impression as though she distanced herself from her usually uptempo material, she managed to make a timeless record nonetheless. – HALEY N

23. “Love Myself” – Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld may be a newcomer to the pop music scene but with Love Myself, she sure as heck made her mark. You had to have been living under a rock this past year if you are just now hearing about this grand jam. Though there were so many other bops this year, Love Myself was a much needed self-love anthem, encapsulated with carefree antics befitting for any dancefloor, better yet, the shower. – Renee

22. “Levels” – Nick Jonas

Even though Nick’s album was released in 2014, he still managed to bring the people a lot of dope music in 2015. This particular track was a part of the re-release for his album which is perfect because the original album was missing a track with this kind of fire. Levels is that perfect club banger, ambitious in its take on pop music. – Renee

21. “I Was Made For Loving You” – Tori Kelly Feat. Ed Sheeran

With the year she had, Tori Kelly’s entry into this list (and every other end-of-year list) was inevitable. As expected, her debut album, Unbreakable Smile, lived up to our expectations as it consisted of delicately constructed pieces of music, especially Ed Sheeran-guested I Was Made For Loving You. Like majority of the the other songs, I Was Made For Loving You – in all of its mushy-acoustic glory – stuck because it was truly reminiscent of the Tori we all fell in love with via YouTube.

20. “Making The Most Of The Night” – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen‘s third studio album, E•MO•TION, is unarguably one of the very best albums released in recent years. On a serious note, if other artists did not have to be hailed, this list would be comprised solely of songs from the album. Notwithstanding, the song that deserves the most praise (at this very moment because it changes) is the underrated Making The Most Of The Night. It is the kind of song that gets your blood pumping thanks to the insane percussion work throughout the chorus. – Renee

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