New Releases Listen: Coldplay – “Hymn For the Weekend” (feat. Beyoncé) Posted by Haley • November 27, 2015

A friendship that has lasted this long, a music collaboration was almost inevitable. In the past week, Coldplay has teased and teased their collaboration with the reigning queen of music.

The song, titled Hymn For the Weekend, appears on the British rock band’s forthcoming studio album, A Head Full of Dreams. Yes, the album isn’t set to land till December so the song did leak, but fans of Beyoncé get a pass for listening as its been a while since we’ve had brand new music from songstress.

As you’d expect, the song is sublime. On their own, Coldplay is known to make fantastic music. With Beyoncé, they simply knocked it out of the park.

Take a listen:

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