Nov 15

Listen: Donna Missal – Hotline Bling (Cover)

Listen: Donna Missal – Hotline Bling (Cover)

Just when we thought we were done hearing Hotline Bling covers…. we get another one and it’s amazing.

I mean all of the covers were amazing, but this one is just a little above the rest.

Our recent Artist of the Week, Donna Missal, has just released her version of Drake’s smash single. She takes the song to a whole new level.

If you ever wanted to know what a Drake song would be like if you made it edgy, then this song will help you with that vision.

But to make things more amazing, Donna didn’t just cover the song she gave us an awesome video directed by Gregory Pallante to go with it.

Take a listen to Donna Missal’s Hotline Bling Cover

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