Video Video: Sia – “Alive” Posted by Staff at Trendio • November 5, 2015

With every album, Sia has managed to reinvent herself as not only a singer but also a songwriter.

Shortly after the release of her critically-acclaimed sixth studio album, 1000 Forms Of Fear, Sia announced yet another album, This Is Acting. The album, which is already finished, is Sia’s take on songs she wrote for other artists, detailing their own lives, hence the title.

The album’s lead cut, which you’re about to listen to, is titled “Alive” and it was initially written for and with Adele, according to Sia.

Starting slow and downtempo – with a resounding focus on Sia’s intoxicating vocals – “Alive” builds into a shimmering number, one that will move you.

The music video was released on November 5th, and no this one does not feature the incredible Maddy Ziegler. Instead we have a young boy who goes all karate-kid on us in the usual way a Sia video goes.

Watch below:

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