Concert Review Review: Nick Jonas’ Tour Finale in San Francisco, CA Posted by Staff at Trendio • October 26, 2015

Pop superstar Nick Jonas took the stage last night August 25th, for the last time on his sold out US Tour, and it was amazing.

Jonas opened up in his usual black top with skinny black jeans while wearing some very large shades. Which seemed useless at the time considering how every cell phone in the building was out and shinning right through his shades. But it was for dramatic effect I suppose. The song that had the honor of being performed first? His first single “Chains” from his latest album. It really set the tone for the entire night. Which essentially was a fun sexy kind of feel.

As expected the crowd went absolutely insane and it was obvious that Nick was feeding off the energy from the crowd. From that moment on the show would only get better.

He kept the set list pretty modern. Only performing one Jonas Brothers song (“Give Love A Try”) and one song from his time as “Nick Jonas and The Administration” (“Who I Am“). The rest of his set consisted of songs from his latest album “NICK JONAS,” a few covers, and one new song (“Never Get Over You“).

It was obvious that Nick was still growing into this new style of performing but he worked it at the same time. He managed to own the stage and yet maintain the minimalist and shy traits that his fans have grown to love during the show.  And for someone with little to no dance background Nick can really move. Lots of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, & Michael Jackson inspired moves going across the stage. There was even a crotch grab or two. One thing was extremely obvious. If you haven’t noticed by now Nick has officially shed his Disney Look. He didn’t have a single care in the world up there. Using nearly every swear word in the book. It was pretty awesome to see. Which had all the young adoring fans screaming their heads off and their chaperons staring in horror. (I witnessed this on several occasions).

One thing I know for sure is that Nick is a true performer. He really understands his music, he was able to work his falsettos in the most perfect way that had almost everyone on their knees. He knew which of his own songs would work best with other popular pop songs. Who knew you could do a Nick Jonas, The Weeknd, & Bell Biv DeVoe mashup?! Not me. Nick covered “I Can’t Feel My Face” and “Poison” and somehow made it work with “Teacher.” It was so beautiful. It’s also a common known struggle that some artists lack crowd interaction skills. Nick did sort of okay in that aspect but his over all stage presence made up for it. Lots of eye contact for everyone in the front row (myself included).

Also, the actual show production was on point. The animation projected on to the screens behind him were so AWESOME. They fit the feel of each song. It was like getting a music video for every song AND live performance at the same time. Nick even had a wrap-around curtain that covered the stage and even Jonas himself. The projections shown through the curtain made it possible to see Jonas through waves of water while he performed his ballad “Push”. He also made an effort to get some amazing smoke machines which really added to the mysterious sexy effect. It’s obvious that he and his production team put in a lot of work to make the show enjoyable from every angle.

During one point in the show Nick mentioned that he’s currently two weeks away from completing his next record. Which means we could be getting that news in a couple months if we’re lucky. Nick also mentioned that there was going to be a huge announcement in the following hours. And he was right. Obviously.

In the end, all that can be said about the show was that Nick is coming into his own as a solo artist. There is work to be done but so much has been accomploshed over the course of 19 shows. He’s growing up and evolving, singing more grown up sounding things. And it works him. This transition from Child/Teen Star to full blown pop star is a hard one. But he doesn’t seem to have any trouble with it. The tour as a whole was absolutely amazing. Not the kind of show you’d expect from Nick, considering the style of his previous work. But since taking on this last record Nick has moved on to more R&B and retro pop sounding tracks which really payed off in the end from a tour aspect.

If you’re upset that you didn’t get the chance to see Nick on tour, don’t worry. We’ve got some news for you!

Shortly after the end of tour, it was announced on Elvis Duran’s morning show that Nick and his label mate Demi Lovato would be joining forces together for a summer tour, “The Future Now.” Check out the tour dates and details here.


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