New Releases Listen: One Direction – “Home” Posted by Haley • October 21, 2015

The last 24 hours have been a bit hectic for fans of English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction. First off, the boy had to cancel their show in Belfast as Liam Payne fell ill literally moments before the show was about to begin. Then, to ease the mind of their fans, the boys decided to drop the music video for their single Perfect, the song may have raved as their best in years.

Now, moments before we their east cost fans hit the sheets, the boys have dropped an EP, titled after the aforementioned single, Perfect.

The Perfect EP, which is streaming on Spotify NOW, contains four (4) songs, one of which is a brand new song titled Home. The other three songs are as follows: a stripped version of Perfect, Matoma‘s remix of Perfect, and lastly, a remix of Drag Me Down by Big Payno and AFTERHRS.

Listen to the brand new song Home below!


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