Artist Of The Week Featured: Donna Missal Posted by Staff at Trendio • October 12, 2015

Every once and a while a real talent comes around that leaves you completely speechless. This just happens to be one of those times. Allow me to introduce you all to Donna Missal.

Let’s just start off by giving credit where credit is due… we would not be here discussing this talented artist if it were not for one our previous Artists of The Week… Brayton Bowman. Donna made an appearance on Brayton’s 2nd EP “The Update” on a track called “Side.” We were so blown away by this mystery woman’s powerful voice, it’s safe to say we were hooked from then on. This is where the small obsession and fascination began.  After a bit of snooping online we realized that there wasn’t much to find on her other than a a few videos of her singing (this mini Instagram cover of Queen Bey’s “Rocket” is our personal faves). So we decided to keep an eye on her until she decided to grace us with her musical presence.

That moment has come, a few days ago Donna released a track titled “Keep Lying.” And it’s honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. This song has so much fire and passion in it, you can almost feel your blood boil under your skin at who ever hurt this woman. It’s truly an experience.

Take a listen to “Keep Lying” down below!

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