Video Watch: Justine Skye performs at 2015 ‘Apple Music Festival’ Posted by Haley • September 23, 2015

Up until now, I hadn’t see Justine Skye perform live. I’m a huge fan of her recorded stuff but you never know how good an artist is until they get in front of a mic.

Today, Justine opened for The Weeknd at the 2015 ‘Apple Music Festival,’ being held in London.

She started the show, which by the way is her first in London, with a bang, introducing herself to the crowd with Rihanna’s smash hit, “Bitch Better Have My Money.” After that, she performed songs off her latest EP, “Emotionally Unavailable.”

Not only did she sing beautifully, she looked incredibly gorgeous doing so! Even more impressive is the fact that the show was put together in only two days.

Watch her entire set below!

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