Video VIDEO: Isac Elliot – “Baby I” Posted by Haley • September 18, 2015

Isac Elliot is shaping up to be one of today’s finest pop stars. Following the release of his Tyga-guested single, “Lipstick,” the Finnish pop singer / our one time ‘Artist of the Week,’ drops a music video for his track, “Baby I.”

Long time fans of Isac should already know the song as the original song was released a while, along with a music video. As Isac is currently trying to break the tough US market, he re-released the song, with an even better music video.

“I promised you a new music video didn’t I? ? #BabyIUS Check it here: Hope U like it. Hope you share it?❤️,” he tweeted.

The pop-tinged record hears Isac singing about being friend-zoned by a girl who doesn’t realize he has feelings for her. “If I said I never miss you when I’m by myself / So tonight, I will try / I will open up your eyes / Cause I know that you’d be better off with me instead,” he croons.

Watch the music video below!

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