Charts Chartin’ – Adam Lambert returns on an Original High Posted by Haley • June 23, 2015

If your favorite artist released an album this past week, it is that time of the week when we find out how well the album did on the charts.

The new releases in contention are: James Taylor – “Before The World” | Hilary Duff – “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” | Adam Lambert – “The Original High” | Ryn Weaver – “The Fool” | etc.

Last week, Muse’s seventh studio album Drones debuted at No. 1 on the charts. It is dethroned this week by James Taylor’s “Before This World.”

“Before This World” released June 15th, marks Taylor’s first release of all new material since 2002’s October Road. The album is this week’s No. 1 as it accumulated 96,586 sales plus streams. It is followed by Adam Lambert’s highly anticipated third studio album, “The Original High.” No. 2 on the charts this week, “The Original High” racked up a total of 41,112 sales, according to HDD. Adam Lambert’s previous album, Trespassing released in 2012, had a much better debut, landing atop Billboard 200, with 77,000 sales accumulated in its first week (May 15, 2012). Taking streams into account though, Taylor Swift’s 2014 album remains at No. 2, Adam at No. 3 She’s been in the news nonstop, it is no surprise Taylor Swift’s album remains in Top 5 this week. “1989” accumulated the regular 46,109 in sales + streams this week.

Ed Sheeran’s album is No. 4 this week, as his album “X” racked up 39,406 sales + streams, numbers that should increase next week as he hosted the 2015 Much Music Video Awards.

Up next is Hilary Duff’s first album since 2007’s Dignity, “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” The album, which we reviewed, lands at No. 5 this week, with 39,366 sales + streams (32,997 solely sales). Not particular surprising, considering the album was received with very little notice.

Nate Ruess’ effort as a solo artist also made an entry into the charts this week. “Grand Romantic” as it is titled, comes in at No. 7 on the charts, with 29,036 sales + streams calculated. This is a much higher debut compared to “Strange Desire,” the debut album by Bleachers, an indie band composed fellow fun. member turned Bleachers frontman. “Grand Romantic” is however not as successful compared to “Some Nights,” Fun.’s critically acclaimed sophomore album, released in 2012. In its first week, “Some Nights” accumulated 70,000 sales.

Ryn Weaver’s endless festival stints paid off minimally as her debut album comes in at No. 36 this week, with 14,960 sales. With streaming, she gets lifted to No. 16 with 15,670 sales + streams.

  1. James Taylor – “Before This World”
  2. Taylor Swift- “1989”
  3. Adam Lambert – “The Original High”
  4. Ed Sheeran – “X”
  5. Hilary Duff – “Breathe In. Breathe Out.”
  6. Sam Hunt – “Montevallo”
  7. Nate Ruess – “Grand Romantic”
  8. Zac Brown Band – “JEKYLL + HYDE”
  9. Maroon 5 – “V”
  10. Meghan Trainor – Title
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