Album Review: Adam Lambert – “The Original High” Posted by Staff at Trendio • June 17, 2015

Adam Lambert’s new album arrived today, and it’s a solid effort laced with plenty of house beats (courtesy of a certain super-producer) and impressively showcases his vocal range.

The glam-rocker found fame by participating in the eighth season of American Idol (where he finished as runner-up to Kris Allen) and has since dropped two other LPs as well as toured with the one and only Queen (the band, obvs) as lead vocalist.

His career has kind of been all over the place but on his third LP, ‘The Original High’, Adam finds a common ground between the extremes of his career and his previous two albums. There are definitely still elements from the over-the-top ‘For Your Entertainment’ and is more consistent and cohesive than ‘Trespassing’. He’s still a glam rocker at heart as can be heard on tracks such as ‘Rumors’ (which features none other than Ms. Tove Lo) and ‘Another Lonely Night’ where you can hear some of those Lambert shrieks you long for.

“The Original High”
Artist: Adam Lambert
Genre: Pop
Release: June 16, 2015
Label: Warner Bros.
Purchase: iTunesAmazon

★ ★ ★ ★

Production credits on this album go to none other than Mr. Pop himself, Max Martin. Martin is man behind over 20 number hits including both ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘Roar’. Martin puts his magical touch into executive producing this album but his pop production influence can be found on tracks such as the rock-infused ‘Lucy’ as well on the lead single ‘Ghost Town’.

To be honest, ‘Ghost Town’ remains the best song on the album, and was definitely the right single choice. It’s perfectly encapsulates the sound of the album and has the most effective hook. The thumping beats quickly capture your attention and Mr. Lambert’s vocals are delicate enough that they don’t overpower the song and he becomes a total house diva instead. I’m not sure why this single hasn’t become more popular. It encompasses all elements of a hit: a whistle hook, beat drops and Max Martin’s name is on it.

No matter the record sales, Adam Lambert’s ‘The Original High’ is a great effort which sees Adam really come into his own and find his sound. He deserves another number one album (will Hilary beat him to it?) and if nothing else, he deserves the recognition. Pop fans should not overlook this album, as it arguably sees Adam Lambert at his best, and the sleek production will leave you on a sonic high.

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