Behind The Music Fresh Off The Block // Phase Five Posted by Haley • June 9, 2015

Incase you missed the memo, there is a new and potentially hot boy band fresh-off-this-block! They go by the name of ‘Phase Five.’

From all walks of life, Phase Five is an five-piece boy band composed of Indiana ‘s JayC, Florida ‘s Jeremiah Neil, Puerto Rico’s Nelson Santos, Belgium ‘s Alex Odon, and UK’s Lee Brown.

That much diversity, it is almost inevitable that the group will bring something special to the table. With influences spanning from The Jackson 5, Boyz II Men, Menudo, New Kids on the Block, to *NSYNC, Phase Five “aims to be among the list of greats.”

In addition to singing, Phase Five is all about not only putting on a show but a good one. “On their way to a long-lasting career,” the boys of Phase Five are more than just singers — they are hardworking dancers, as well.

We know what you’re thinking… “who needs another heart-breaking boy band?” Well, the boys of Phase Five promise to be the exception. Drama is not their thing, at least not according to the email introducing the Parimore Music recording artists to us — “If your tired of the boy band drama surrounding a group of Brits in tight pants, then turn to Phase Five.”

Today (June 9), Phase Five‘s debut EP, The Rise will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more. “The Rise” comes preceded by the five-piece’s critically-acclaimed single, “Upside Down.” The music video, which is available for viewing on VEVO, sees the boys — JayC, Jeremiah Neil, Nelson Santos, Alex Odon, and Lee Brown — belting some high notes as they bust some serious moves.

Trendio listened to songs on “The Rise” EP and we of course loved each and everyone of them, hence the feature. Like you, we had burning questions about the EP for Phase Five, so we asked. Check out our Behind-The-Music banter with Phase Five below!

What song was the most fun to write / record? (Bonus: which are you looking forward to performing the most?)

Alex– My favorite song record was definitely So Damn Lucky because I was able to just go off in the booth and I was having a blast. I’m really looking forward to perform Show Me Love because it’s such a feel good song and I love the choreography!

JayC – For me the most fun song of the EP to record was definitely Glow. Throughout the entire recording session for that particular song we were vibing out with the producers- and that was my first time ever being apart of the creative process of creating a song!

Jeremiah – My favorite song to record was Glow! We started the song from scratch and by the end of it, we were AMAZED at the final product of such a feel-good song! It’s also one of my favorites to perform, besides Show Me Love.

Lee – I loved recording the song Body, this was one of the first songs that I recorded in the studio. It was very memorable for me. However, I am looking forward to performing So Damn Lucky. It will feel good to be able to strip it down to just vocals.

Nelson – I enjoyed recording Upside Down. It was one of the first songs we recorded and the experience in the studio was so new to me, but it felt confortable and great to share it with the guys.

What technique did you use to decide what songs made the EP and which didn’t?

Alex – It was just so easy! Whenever we heard a song with the guys, we just knew!!! It was obvious! We were all on the same page regarding how we wanted the EP to sound.

JayC – The boys and I all agreed that we wanted each song to be single-worthy, meaning that they could be #1s. That was the only “rule” when creating/picking songs to add to the EP.

Jeremiah – We wanted songs that reflected a strong mix of classic boyband harmonies, but current urban flavor that’s trendy and on the radio! 

Lee – It was a unanimous decision for all the songs on the EP, they are all amazing. When we were listening to some of the options, it was obvious the ones that needed to be on the EP.

Nelson – It was pretty easy, we tend to all be in one accord when listening to song and falling in love with it, we start jamming out to it all at once!

Did you know the direction you were going with the EP when you began putting it together?

Alex – Not from the exact beginning but a little after we decided what we wanted to exactly and the direction we wanted to go.

JayC – Yes, we definitely did. We wanted to do something that NO boyband has ever done before and that we all mutually agreed on: which was urban-pop! Individually we’re all inspired by a variety of artists, but collectively we LOVE urban-pop.

Jeremiah – Yes! We had been discussing prior to recording the general direction of what we wanted to go for as a new band. So many other artists are focusing on dance pop, but urban pop has not been done by a multi-cultural boyband ever!

Lee – I think that we did, but it definitely got clearer the more we recorded. I think our sound developed over the whole process.

Nelson – I think we knew since the beginning. But it became more apparent as we got each track.

As artists just starting off, what is your end goal?

Alex – My end and goal is to be able to make as many people happy as I can! I really wanna make a positive change in the world.

JayC – My end goal is to be able to provide for my family- no matter what.

Jeremiah – My overall goal is to make a positive statement for my generation and to be able to change the world through my voice.

Lee – I want to bring something new and exciting to the industry. I want to be able to inspire others to chase their dreams.

Nelson– Inspire.

Which producers did you work with on this EP?

Alex – We had the chance to work with amazing people and make magic with them. This production team called The Prodigal, Boy Rekless and Trend Def.

JayC – Like Jeremiah said, we had an incredible team including Boy Rekless, Jeeve, The Prodigal, and Trend Def. It was such a blast working with all of them!

Jeremiah – We worked with such a talented team of producers! Major shout-out to Boy-Rekless, The Prodigal, Jeeve, and Trend Def.

Lee – We worked with so many amazing producers. It was surreal sharing a room with industry professionals that have worked with some of the biggest artists on the planet.

Nelson – We work with some amazing producers! Its been such an amzing experience learning from all of them from Boy Rekless, Trend Def, The Prodigal, I have to say it was surreal to have work with Jeeve, he’s work with many artists including one of my biggest inspiriration Luis Fonsi. It was an honor to work with him! 

When should we expect your debut album?

Alex – AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I just wanna make more and more music and share it with the world.

JayC – VERY SOON! We’ve already been talking about cool names and song themes, etc. It’s an exciting thing to be able to begin working on MORE music after releasing this amazing EP.

Jeremiah– We would love to get working on the album VERY soon! Hopefully, we can have a strong input in the writing, reflection, and voice of what we want to represent as a new-age boyband!

Lee – The only way is up! We will deliver an album as soon as we can however we will be making sure that we are consistently bettering ourselves with every product that we put out there.

Nelson – Soon!! Can’t wait to go to the next level and give you an album that’s eternal!!

What would you like people who are just finding out about Phase Five to know?

Alex – That we are all about the music and the entertainment. We just wanna sing and dance!

JayC – Phase Five is NOT playing around – we want to top the charts and influence the world in a positive way. We need more positive role models and I feel that it’ll be my responsibility to do so as we grow.

Jeremiah – That we are here to stay! This year, we’ve seen so many boybands struggle to survive and we would like to represent unity and strength. 

Lee – We are something that hasn’t been seen in the industry for a long time. We are INTERNATIONAL and we can sing and dance. We want to put on a whole show.

Nelson – That we are hungry!!!!! Hungry to learn, to grow, to explore, to take over!!


[Purchase Phase Five’s debut EP “The Rise” on iTunes]

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