May 20

Listen: Drake – “Can I” (feat. Beyoncé & Sal Houdini)

Listen: Drake – “Can I” (feat. Beyoncé & Sal Houdini)

The last few days, snippets of an apparent Drake collaboration with Beyoncé have been making rounds. In fact, a

A collaboration that anticipated, it only makes sense that it would leak in full soon – soon being right now.

“Can I,” which also features Sal Houdini, marks the second Beyoncé and Drake collaboration (“Mine” on Beyoncé’s 2013 critically-acclaimed album being the first).

According to the Drake profile published a little while back, “Can I” was to appear on his “Views From The 6” album. “He [Drake] only has two songs finished that he likes. One is a collaboration with Beyoncé,” the profile read. There is no telling if this leak would change that.

Listen to what sounds like an unfinished version of “Can I” below!

[via Tumblr]

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