May 12

Chartin’ – Ciara’s album sales hit an all time low

Chartin’ – Ciara’s album sales hit an all time low

The numbers are in and they are high for some, OK for others, and extremely low for the rest.

As predicated, Mumford & Sons’ first album in years, “Wilder Mind” wins this week’s sales and streaming race, landing the No. 1 spot on the chart with 259,182 sales + streams calculated.

Mumford & Sons’s “Wilder Mind” being No. 1 this week means it bumped Zac Brown Band’s “Jekyll + Hyde” down a few notches. This week, “Jekyll + Hyde” lands at No. 4.

Two steps ahead is Josh Groban’s “Stages” album, which was also No. 2 last week. This week’s No. 3 album is the collaborative Now 54 album, featuring various artists. The album accumulated 71,772 sales + streams.

Also in Top 5, landing in the No. 5 spot is Tech N9ne’s “Special Effects” album, which racked up 63,255 sales and streams.

Now, to the most anticipated, Ciara’s recently-released album, “Jackie.” Unfortunately, even though the album has received praise from fans, “Jackie” accumulated a mere 25,086, 19,856 of which are sales, according to HDD.

With those numbers, Jackie barely made it in Top 20, landing at No. 19, just ahead of Walk The Moon’s “Talking Is Hard” album.

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  • Eddycoolboy

    Jackie Ciara saled more than that, i bet on it… fuck your acticle is fake

    • Brian Nation

      Sold, not saled you dumbass. Ciara sucks. The numbers don’t lie, and you can bet on that LOL.

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