Uncategorized Listen: “Colors” – VÉRITÉ Posted by Jesus A. • April 21, 2015

Up-and-coming pop songstress and our one time Artist of The Week,  VÉRITÉ, just released the standalone follow-up to this year’s “Wasteland”. In true VÉRITÉ fashion, the new track is a hell of a tune, packed with poetic lyrics and soaring vocals.

“Colors” was co-written and produced by MS MR’s Zach Nicita. The song premiered on PopJustice.com earlier today! Here’s what VÉRITÉ had to say about the song:

“Colors was written over the course of a few days on my bed. I hadn’t yet met Zach Nicita of MSMR, who produced the track, which is more normal than it sounds. I had been forwarded the track from my manager and was immediately semi-obsessed with how hard the percussion hit from the start. It’s the first time I had collaborated with Zach and written over a track that was so developed. It definitely challenged me to write strong and dynamically from the start and really strongly solidify a departure from ambient synth pop. Lyrically, it has a really complex, convoluted meaning to me that has changed with each iteration of the song. I hope you enjoy!”

Listen to the track below!

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