Album Shawn Mendes: “Handwritten” – Available at Midnight! Posted by Haley • April 13, 2015

For the last couple of weeks, Shawn Mendes has been releasing a song from his debut album, Handwritten.

Song after song, we were convinced his fans (that is including us), were in for a major threat with the album.

The album was originally slated for a April 28th release date, but the release date was moved forward after fans fulfilled Shawn’s request to watch the music video for “Life Of The Party” over a million times, in 24 hours.

As the album is set to drop at midnight, trending worldwide earlier today was “HadnwrittenAtMidnight.” In celebration of the release, Shawn performed at Mall of America – an event that was streamed on YouTube.

Watch the live-streaming event below and be sure to purchase “Handwritten” at midnight, tonight.

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