Concert Review Trendio Reviews: Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once Tour Posted by Staff at Trendio • March 21, 2015

Australian Pop Princess Kylie Minogue is currently touring around Australia on her Kiss Me Once Tour and I was lucky enough to see the show in Sydney and her hometown of Melbourne this week.

Kylie’s album ‘Kiss Me Once’ was not as successful as she would have hoped however you wouldn’t have known it by the reception she received when performing songs from the album in each city.

Kylie performed over 20 songs during the show which included 5 from her latest album, with the remainder of the setlist comprised of a list of hits spanning her 27 year career with a couple of new songs added for that extra special touch.

One of the opening acts of the Australian leg of the tour is 74 year old disco legend Giorgio Moroder, who joins Kylie on stage during the show to perform their new single ‘Right Here, Right Now’ and acapella versions of some of his most popular productions such as the iconic Donna Summer hit ‘I Feel Love’.

One of the many highlights of the show is the 80’s medley which includes fan favourites ‘Hand On Your Heart’, ‘Never Too Late’, ‘Got To Be Certain’ and ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ with Minogue singing in a bubble bath just like in the infamous music video.

Kylie has been criticized throughout her career for what people believe to be a lack of vocal ability, however she shows off just how well she can hold a tune during songs such as ‘Your Disco Needs You’ which had both crowds out of their seats to applaud so loud they were deafening.

On recent tours Kylie has included a cover of a song she feels a connection to and this tour is no different, although this song choice is a little more personal. Minogue ascends to the stage dressed in a black leather coat & leotard with the lights dimmed & guitar riffs blaring as she begins to perform the INXS hit ‘Need You Tonight’. Having dated INXS frontman Michael Hutchence a few years prior to his death, Kylie has spoken of how this part of the show is special to her.

Another part of what makes a Kylie Minogue concert great is how her older songs are reworked to sound fresh and to fit with the theme of the show. Musical director Steve Anderson should receive more plaudits for this than he currently does.

You could count the number of ballads performed on one hand with Kylie naming the show “the biggest disco in town” which I don’t think anyone who has seen it would disagree with. Not only is the setlist filled with songs that will have you on your feet dancing for the 2 hour duration, but the light show that goes with it is equally as impressive. Kylie aptly named it a lasergasm during the show in Sydney. One or two of Kylies costumes could even have her mistaken for a disco ball on legs.

Having seen Kylie perform multiple times before in our shared hometown of Melbourne, experiencing it in Sydney was similar but not quite the same. Both shows were incredible and each crowd was not quiet in showing their appreciation of Australia’s greatest pop export, however there is just something a little extra special about a hometown crowd and performance.

Earlier in the week Kylie confirmed she has parted ways with her management at Roc Nation and may have also done the same with her label Parlophone. Whatever the future holds I hope it’s not too long before we see Kylie back on stage entertaining us and making us dance until we can’t feel our feet once again.

The Australian leg of the tour finishes in Brisbane tonight before Kylie heads back to Europe & the UK for some additional performances.

If you’ve missed out on seeing the show, the Kiss Me Once Tour DVD is out now.

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