Album Album: Kendrick Lamar – “[Untitled]” Posted by Haley • March 7, 2015

In the midst of all the Friday night craziness, Kendrick Lamar announced his highly-anticipated third studio album, [Untitled].

The album, which is slated to land March 23, is available for pre-order on iTunes right now, with a rather interesting choice for an artwork (look to the right).

[Untitled] will feature “The Blacker the Berry,” the racially-charged song which Lamar released on Feb. 9, 2015.

Every other song on the iTunes track list is named “Track #” but we can confirm the album has 16 songs, one of which is most likely the grammy-winning track, “i.”

To pre-order [Untitled], the new album from Kendrick Lamar, click here.

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