Uncategorized Listen: Kelly Clarkson – “Let Your Tears Fall” Posted by Haley • February 26, 2015

My oh my! The day isn’t even over and we have yet another song from Kelly Clarkson.

Premiering exclusively on VH1.com is “Let Your Tears Fall,” track No. 8 on Kelly’s upcoming album, “Piece By Piece.”

“Let Your Tears Fall” marks the fifth song Kelly has released from the album. The other four are Heartbeat Song, Invincible, Run Run Run (feat. John Legend), and Take You High.

Like “Invincible,” “Let Your Tears Fall” was written by the extremely talented, Sia.

“The cool thing about collaborating on a Sia song is we are very different vocally, but very similar in a sense that we love range. She writes songs that are very rangy, and I love that,” Kelly told VH1.

Listen to the pop perfection that is “Let Your Tears Fall” below!

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