Grammys Katy Perry To Perform At The GRAMMYs Posted by Staff at Trendio • February 4, 2015

Hot off the heels of her record breaking Super Bowl halftime performance, Billboard is reporting that Katy Perry is set to join an ever growing list of performers for this weeks GRAMMY Awards.

In their exclusive report, Billboard state that Perry will be performing a ballad from her recent album ‘Prism’ titled ‘By The Grace of God’.

The performance has not been confirmed by the GRAMMYs team however as we have seen in past years, performers are announced up until the date of the ceremony with some being kept as a surprise, such as Beyoncé & Jay Z’s show opener last year.

Given that the song is a ballad, and a beautiful one at that, we think it is unlikely that Katy’s now infamous sharks will join her during this performance.

Listen to the song below:

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