Artist Of The Week Featured: Malia Posted by Staff at Trendio • December 4, 2014

26 year old Bellevue, Washington native, Malia Cunningham is a singer-songwriting bombshell taking the acoustic soul world by storm.  I’ve been a fan of Malia’s music ever since her song “Sunny Days” was reblogged on to my tumblr dashboard about six months ago. There was something about the sound of her voice that was just so soothing, it had me hooked instantly.

Her sound is very reminiscent of India.Arie & Corinne Bailey Rae. So naturally I had to look her up. Turns out she had been posting covers of other peoples work as well as her own for about a year on youtube and soundcloud.  *touchdown dance* I’ve been hooked on her ever since. Dull Aches is my favorite song off her four track self-titled EP. Take a listen, on her soundcloud!


Want to know more about Malia? Check out her official Trendio Page

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